13th EOU Congress 2022

Giessen, Germany
March, 15, 2022


photo: Gießen Marketing GmbH – www.giessen-entdecken.de

Gießen (or Giessen)

Gießen is located in the centre of the federal state of Hesse between the foothills of the Vogelsberg, Taunus and Westerwald and is embedded in the delightful river valley of the Lahn. Its central location has always made the university, cultural and shopping city a centre of attraction and focus for a wide range of activities. In Gießen, the advantages of tradition-conscious culture are combined with modern urbanity. Renowned training and research facilities, a wide range of cultural activities, attractive leisure and recreational opportunities are among the qualities that distinguish the lively city. Multiple universities and academic institutions are placed in and around Gießen, one being the Justus-Liebig-University. The university, founded in 1607 and named Justus Liebig University in 1957, covers almost the entire spectrum of humanities and natural sciences. It has greatly contributed to Gießen’s national and international fame and importance with its reputation. Together with the Technical University of Central Hesse (THM), it trains around 31,000 students. With this high proportion of students in the total population, Gießen is the No. 1 student city in Germany creating a vibrant cultural and social centre of this region. One of the highlights of Gießen is the botanical garden, that has been renovated in 2020.

The climate of central Germany is overall considered humid. In comparison to other bigger cities in Hesse, Gießen is relatively dry. During March, the average temperature is approximately 8°C, but can drop as low as 0°C as well as reach up to 15°C . The average precipitation and humidity are low during this period of the year.

In the proximity of Gießen, various wetlands, forests and traditional orchard areas offer habitat for a variety of birds. Some of these habitats will be visited during excursions.

Conference Venue

The conference venue will be in one of the buildings of the scientific campus of the Justus-Liebig-University located close to the city centre. It is easily reached by public transport or even by foot.


The conference language will be English.

photo: Gießen Marketing GmbH – www.giessen-entdecken.de

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